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About Arizona Breast Health Specialists

Our breast health center provides a place where patients can feel comfortable and supported when they are diagnosed with breast cancer or a non-malignant abnormality of the breast.

Women and Breast Cancer
The risk of breast cancer increases with age and it is the second leading cause of cancer death among women in the United States. For some women, anything that affects a part of their body that is associated with their femininity can be especially difficult and result in anxiety or depression.

Men and Breast Cancer
While it is rare, men can be diagnosed with breast cancer. It most commonly affects older men but can occur at any age. For some men, a breast cancer diagnosis can cause anxiety or depression, along with feelings of embarrassment or that their cancer is emasculating.

Our Providers
Our care team is specially trained to help patients deal with particularly sensitive issues when they are feeling emotionally overwhelmed and concerned or confused about their treatment options.