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Appointments & Scheduling

A picture of a person scheduling a doctor's appointment on their phone with their calendar open

Your first appointment will be comprehensive so you should plan to spend at least an hour with us. It is essential that the providers have your paperwork PRIOR to your first appointment in order to review appropriate records, labs, imaging, and provider notes to understand your personal health and family history.

For new patients, we ask that you arrive 30-40 minutes ahead of your appointment to complete new patient paperwork if you did not receive it and complete it prior to this appointment. If you are an existing patient, plan to arrive 15-20 minutes before your appointment to allow time to check in and complete any remaining paperwork.

The schedulers in each of our offices can help you with making your follow-up appointments, and with coordinating any necessary imaging/testing or specialty consultations.

One of our Financial Counselors located at each of our clinics, will verify your insurance prior to each visit/service and obtain insurance authorization when necessary, explain your benefits, co-pays and co-insurance costs, answer questions about balances, and assist you in finding resources if needed for your medications. Certain insurance plans can take up to 10-14 business days to authorize tests or drug regimens. Be sure to inform us of any insurance changes as soon as possible to avoid delays in treatment and visits.

We recognize that a cancer diagnosis often causes financial stress for our patients. Please talk with your healthcare team or financial counselor if you are having difficulties. Together, we will work towards resolving problems and avoiding disruptions in your treatment.