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What is an Oncologist?

A picture of a doctor holding a patient's hand out of concern

Oncologists are physicians that study and treat cancer. At our practice, we have medical oncologists who specialize in treatments that include chemotherapy, immunotherapy, and targeted therapies.

Our physicians lead multidisciplinary care teams that include radiologists and interventional radiologists, general surgeons, (general, vascular and reconstructive), pathologists, primary care physicians, palliative care, genetic experts, highly experienced nurse navigators, and other specialists. This team approach to care ensures that our patients receive the benefit of the team’s collective education and experience, which leads to higher quality care for our patients.

What is their training?

Oncologists typically have a bachelor’s degree plus a degree from medical school. They have spent many years in residency programs, fellowships and some earn Ph.D. degrees. As an oncologist, it is necessary to continue their education throughout their career to remain knowledgeable about the many new developments in cancer care.

Some oncologists specialize in the types of cancer they treat, while others see a variety of cancer in adults.

How the future of cancer care is being shaped.

Oncology is an exciting field with new developments and breakthroughs every day, which are made possible by extensive research and clinical trials. Each of our oncologists have actively participated in clinical trials to help advance the field of oncology and provide promise of better treatments for patients and a greater chance for successful treatment. With the knowledge and technology we have today, patients are living longer with quality of life, and with less disease-related complications.