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About Radiation Oncology

When radiation has been recommended as a treatment for your cancer, you will meet for an initial consultation with a radiation oncologist. As a physician who is trained to use radiation to treat cancer, he/she will explain how radiation works, and about the type of treatment that will be used. They will answer any questions or concerns you have about your cancer, your treatment plan, potential risks, or side effects that you may experience. They will also educate you on other treatment options that may be available.

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Different types of radiation treatments are used to treat cancer. Some treatments deliver the radiation from outside the body, and others deliver the radiation internally. The type of radiation used is based on different factors including the type, size and stage of the cancer, and the patient’s general health, making sure they are strong enough to undergo the series of treatments.

When treatments are delivered from outside the body it is called external radiation therapy. It is considered local treatment because it only treats the specific part of your body where the cancer is located.

When treatments are delivered internally it is called internal beam radiation therapy.

Your cancer care team will determine the best treatment for your cancer based on the American Society of Radiation Oncology’s (ASTRO) established guidelines for treatment.

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