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Prostate Cancer Awareness Month – 2020

Prostate Cancer Awareness Month It’s unlikely most men spend as much time thinking about prostates as I do (occupational hazard), but with September being prostate cancer awareness month it is a good opportunity for all of us who have a gland ourselves, or a loved one with a gland, to pause and think for a moment about the number one cause of cancer (non-skin) in men. In fact, over 200,000 American men are diagnosed with the disease each year. Happily, prostate cancer is usually quite treatable...

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Prostate Cancer: Myths and Facts

Prostate Cancer: Myths and Facts September is prostate cancer awareness month. Dr. J. Adams, a surgeon in London, the first to discover prostate cancer and at that time in the 1850’s, noted prostate cancer was “a very rare disease.” Interestingly, today, according to the latest Cancer Facts & Figures, 2019, prostate cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer (except for skin cancer) in men accounting for 20% of all male cancers. MYTH: Most prostate cancers are diagnosed because men go...

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